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« Bio »

because medication is a product unlike any other

because we are proud of selling products dedicated to helping animals

because the veterinary surgeons who are our clients while working to improve animal welfare, perform a challenging and fascinating job. Dr. Frédéric Decante who captured the images used on Biotopis web site is both a veterinarian and photographer.

« Top »

because we wish to supply our customers with quality medicinal products manufactured in Europe by established companies

because we would like to supply our customers with important medications that they will need to treat horses

because we plan to commercialize our medications in innovative ways, by responding to our customers’ specialized needs

« Biotopis »

as a « biotope » is a habitat with uniquely shared characteristics, we would like to create a new discussion platform for veterinary surgeons, primarily focused on animal welfare and products, and on veterinary and client needs

because we work with our customers to improve animal welfare